Sex and Mark O’ Brien

I watched The Sessions. Yes, it is touching and beautiful in it’s own way. No, it’s not that great a movie. And yes, Helen Hunt still looks hot when naked.

The movie is based on an article by Mark O’ Brien (a poet and journalist), On Seeing a Sex Surrogate. Mark O’ Brien is played by John Hawkes, and the sex surrogate he visits is played by the ethereal and evergreen Helen Hunt.

Basically what’s wrong with the protagonist is that he’s severely paralyzed neck below by polio, however he is capable of getting an erection. Depressed by his loneliness and celibacy, he decides to see a sex surrogate who would help him to understand the limitations and functions of his sexuality. And, then he falls in love with her and writes soulful poetry to her.

More of a documentary than a movie, the themes which are tackled are: finding one’s sexual identity, disability and self esteem, religion and repression and overcoming one’s horrors and nightmares. Mark O’ Brien’s immense zest for life and his good humor in the face of adversity are an inspiration for everyone. And so are Helen Hunt’s boobs.