Anger Management, Thinking Cap

I will not get angry

Here’s a thing about anger: it’s powerful. But here’s another thing: when you overcome it, you’re powerful.

Sometimes, I have a sneaking suspicion that the world is cruel, it does all it can to prevent us from attaining happiness, from touching perfection. It makes us see how helpless we are, how inadequate our surroundings are and in this way, it makes us brood and boil about all the injustice done to us and revels behind our angry backs at having stopped another man from becoming superman. In a situation where we find ourselves angry about something, we must stop and think. We must act.

Yesterday, while lying on my bed and trying to get sleep after having watched a horror film, I had an epiphany. Not only do we believe in what we see but we also see what we believe in. Somehow, our minds have an intrinsic connection to the cosmic powers and all of our thoughts can be transformed into reality, if we believe in them. All we need to do is think real hard about something, “I will not get angry, I will not get angry, I will not get . . .”


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Something Bigger Than Myself

It is about half past ten in the morning, and the city looks like a canvas for a giant, crazy kid with crayons, gone out of hand. Yes, it was Holi yesterday and though there has been a drought in India, the celebrations went on uninhibited. Aside from the occasional reports about chemical poisoning in the morning newspapers, all seems to be good and fine. The sun is bright in the sky and the smell in the breeze reminds me of rain.

Another festival is behind us, and  now life has to move on. Lately, I have been preoccupied with thoughts of how I’m not doing enough. In a sense, my schoolboy laziness is beginning to trouble me now. I wish to be more fruitful, more giving, more efficient. But I do not know how can I do that. Shall I look for a summer part-time? Should I learn to cook or help mom in washing dishes or drying clothes? I mean, I have realized that if I don’t have to study, there is more to life than watsapping, watching American soaps, and reading summer novels. I have to pick myself up and commit myself to a nobler cause.

Philosopher Daniel Dennett said the secret of happiness is to find something bigger than yourself, and then devote your life to it. What is that thing in my life and when will I find it?