Random Shit

April Fool’s Day and Weird Things Around Me

Okay, Google, you got me! I totally tried to press my nose as close to the screen as possible and smell waffles, and fear and dumpster and apple pie. After my fifth unsuccessful attempt, I realized something was fishy and I googled the “nose” feature to realize that Google made an April’s Fool out of me. Well played Google.

Anyways, apart from how I completely lost my common sense and tried to smell off the screen of my computer, there are some other weird things, which have been happening y’all. For instance, yesterday, I got home from shopping and found a . . . guess what? . . . a beer bottle on the floor of my bathroom. Now, my family might not be a bunch of teetotalers but none of us are raving alcoholics either. And so, when I asked my mom what the hell is a beer bottle doing in the bathroom, she replied (hear, hear) that she used it for her hair. She used beer as conditioner. Eww.


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