The Paperboy: Yuck.

So this week, I fished out a video of The Paperboy I had in my collection and gave it a watch. One word: Yuck. I mean seriously, it was so disgusting in places that I felt like puking. And you cannot watch this movie with family, unless you want to lie on the couch under a mountain of cushions to hide that mojo erection you’re sure to get. Basically, the movie uses sex and early 20th century racism in Alabama as its main themes to attract audiences, and personally I thought they were rather cheap tricks. Only one special mention of McConaughey; he did display considerable acting prowess. And no matter how many sterling reviews these so called “critics” hurl at me, my opinion of the film is not going to waiver.


“An idealistic reporter and his brother, Ward Jansen (Matthew McConaughey) and Jack Jansen (Zac Effron), investigate the events surrounding a murder in an effort to exonerate a man on death row, Hillary van Wetter. The Jansens are helped by Ward’s colleague, Englishman Yardley Acheman, and Charlotte Bless (Nicole Kidman), a woman whom van Wetter has never met but who has fallen in love with him and is determined that he should be released and that they should marry.” ~Wikipedia


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