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Ain’t My First Blog


Hi, I’m Viren.

This is not my first blog and no, this is not the cue for giving you links to my earlier blogs which no one reads. But this time, I have taken a sort of blogging rehab so I’m ready to be faithful to this blog for as long as possible and not screw up any more blogs. But my friends would probably not believe me because I have had many blogging affairs in the past but they never turned out into successful relationships. So I’m not sending them the link to this blog or publicizing it on Facebook. You will have to find me yourself this time, guys!

Now . . what am I going to blog about? Well, as the subtitle of my blog suggests, you will probably think that I shall discuss the travails of growing up or something like that. But that’s just bullshit. I bet you’ve come across hundreds of whiny teenagers complaining about their *issues*. I, for one, am not going to do that. No, this blog is about all the fun I have, and all the fun others have at my expense as I get through three months of unrelieved vacation before I begin my graduation program at a film institute I have been selected in Hyderabad from July onwards. And then the first shivers of living alone, away from home for four years in a hostel or a rented studio while I study at Hyderabad. Any possible ragging encounters there, experiences with girls and heroin (kidding, if you’re reading this mom), my first shave (yeah, I got started late), nights at pubs etc. Traveling, my thoughts on cinema, literature and my premature balding. Learning to be honest with myself and others and making it large in a world where I’m just a tiny speck.

I will also try to give you a little test drive of how it feels like to be a youngster in modern (or not so modern) 21st century India, where you can’t go all west and all east is unimaginable.

Basically, “The Moratorium” is all about this mini-transition phase I shall undergo until I emerge a decent (and maybe bald) adult. This blog is probably not going to win awards but I’m sure I shall win some hearts (cheesy I know, but I did not know how to conclude the post).




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